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Let's get one thing straight . . .

We ALL go to HEAVEN!

Now we have a basis over which to discuss the Love of God

1. The Holy Ghost will quicken you regardless of your behavior. This is regeneration.
2. You will understand your part, not only in Adam's sin, but in the crucifixion. This is conviction.
3. You will concede that you would still crucify Him if you had the power. This is confession.
4. You will accept that you are incapable of goodness and turn to Him instead. This is repentance.
5. You will begin to see authentic Love express Himself in your life. This is sanctification.
6. You will rest assured that your eternal destiny lies securely in His hands. This is salvation!

It's all for Him, and by Him, the result of His Sovereign Promise. Even your response is orchestrated by His will. In fact, by definition, the Holy Ghost is precisely the Response formed in you by Him to the crucifixion of His Son Jesus Christ.

So why all the talk of damnation and hell? It is an artifact of our sinful nature. Since sin can't destroy God, it tries to take His place by errantly asserting moral superiority over others. This is the sickness of spiritual pride, the anti-Christ, which has been and is still in the world . . . even, or especially, in the (pseudo-)church.

The promise of holiness is realized in one Man only, in Christ. We will realize holiness only as we are found in Him, in His crucifixion, and in His ressurrection . . . in other words in the the world to come, not in this one! The premise of personal holiness in this sinful flesh is another artifact of sin, again attempting to afirm its moral superiority over its maker. When the playing field if leveled, there is peace.

Where is the boasting?

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If you are searching for a reputable Christ oriented non-denominational way to help tragedy victims around the world, we are happy to recommend WorldServe Ministries.

WorldServe Ministries stands with local pastors and churches to deliver the help needed, both physical and spiritual, to local populations.

We have researched WorldServe Ministries and feel confident that funds donated to their efforts will have the greatest impact on the needs of the people in devastated areas.

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