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God's Church

Sundays 6 PM

You're Invited

Call us for location and up-to-date info

We are a small group of believers, searching for authentic church....just worship, gospel, and communion.

We have moved out of our old location and now meet in homes. You are invited. Call or email for info.

Our services begin at approximately 6pm and end before 8. We will have time for greetings, communion, worship, song, proclaiming the gospel, and teaching from the Word, but maybe not in that order. Children are welcome. We have no separate children’s services. Worship is informal. We will usually have some singing at both start and finish. Communion is open to all who wish to partake. We use nonalcoholic wine. No basket will be passed. A basket is on the table for collection of tithes and offerings. Finally, while we believe in the extraordinary gifts of the Holy Ghost, we don’t believe the Holy Ghost is the spirit behind chaotic disruptions of the orderly procession of our worship service.

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